MagetSync Magento / Etsy Integration with Store Views

The MagetSync Etsy plugin as of version 0.1.8 does not yet support store views (V. RC). This is an essential feature if you intend to list items on Etsy with unique prices, titles, descriptions, and images. Your titles and description … Continue reading

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11Main Magento Integration Issues

The Magento Integration from 11main promises to make importing your entire Magento Catalog as easy as possible. Unfortunately, the extension falls short and is not ready for most merchants. Our issues include: One Way Inventory Synchronization – The extension can … Continue reading

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Facebook: Why are likes this week negative?

Does your Facebook page always show negative likes in the “Pages to Watch” box? The reason your page is displaying negative likes if you recently had a purge of fake followers. Until you overcome the amount of fake followers you … Continue reading

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Magento: Automatically Determine Credit Card Type

Why would you ask your users to select their card type? That’s ridiculous, but that is how the default magento onepage checkout performs. The following tutorial will show you how to hide the credit card select box. Instead of asking … Continue reading

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How To: Add a prefix to Magento product URL’s

When disabling categories from product urls in Magento, you eliminate many search engine optimization issues. One issue, however, is that all of your product’s urls are in the top level of the websites structure. While migrating a site from Volusion, … Continue reading

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Magento 1.7: Issues Adding Custom CMS Page Templates?

Following the Magento Wiki, there is an excellent article on creating custom CMS pages. However, twice this week we have heard on stack exchange (and from an intern) that following the article verbatim, their custom module and CMS pages were … Continue reading

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June 2013 – WordPress Exploit Fix/Alert – $zend_framework

There is a new WordPress exploit going around. Those using security plugins like “Better WP Security” are NOT protected from the new exploit. The new exploit will appear at the top of your files, beginning with: Full Snippet @ Pastebin … Continue reading

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Magento: Calculate Table Rates per item/product

Magento does not provide the ability to calculate shipping charges per item outside of flat rates. For businesses shipping large items via Freight or in individual boxes, shipping charges need to be on a per item basis. The code below … Continue reading

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Magento: Attaching User Manuals and File Downloads to Products

When selling certain products, it can be beneficial to attach assets to the product such as a user manual or file downloads. Attaching user manuals for niche products can be beneficial to your SEO when the manual is only available … Continue reading

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Volusion: Tracking 404 error pages in Analytics

Tracking 404 pages is key to your stores success. The reasons people arrive at error pages on your website are numerous – reasons range from outdated links to incorrectly shared links, to mistyped URLs. By tracking your 404 pages, you … Continue reading

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