MagetSync Magento / Etsy Integration with Store Views

The MagetSync Etsy plugin as of version 0.1.8 does not yet support store views (V. RC).

This is an essential feature if you intend to list items on Etsy with unique prices, titles, descriptions, and images. Your titles and description should be tailored to Etsy, and you don’t want duplicate content on Etsy competing with your own web store.

For these modifications we are going to hack the extensions code. The extension should be developing quickly now that they are charging a monthly fee, so these modifications will likely only work for a couple future versions.

Step 1: Create a store view for Etsy

  1. Navigate to Magento Admin > System > Manage Stores
  2. Click the top right button “Create Store View”
  3. Set the name to “Etsy” and the code to “etsy” and click save

Step 2: Setting the store view for orders

MagetSync forces the use of the default store view. We are going to change the create order function to use our new store view.

  1. Open /app/code/local/Merchante/MagetSync/Model/Observer.php
  2. Find line 104:
  3. Change to:

    (or use your new store views code in place of etsy)

Step 3: Using the etsy store view for product attributes

This is an optional step. It is not necessary if you do not intend to change titles, descriptions, images, or prices to be sent to Etsy by the plugin.

  1. Open /app/code/local/Merchante/MagetSync/Model/Source/Option.php
  2. Find Line 12:
    $options = array();
  3. Before, Add the following line:
     $storeId = Mage::app()->getStore('etsy')->getId();

That’s all you need to do. It makes you wonder why they haven’t implemented this functionality, as it would be a very simple modification and save a lot of people frustration.


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