Frequently Asked Questions

Team up with internet marketing specialists for a successful campaign.

While many successful small business owners manage their own internet marketing, most do not have the time or know how to accomplish their goals online. Many more can benefit from our in depth expertise in the industry. Placement Edge is here for you, to fill the role of a trusted partner in all of your internet marketing needs. We provide a wide range of services to help you reach your goals, and all clients receive free advice and consultation as needed.

How We Perform SEO

We use a variety of tactics to increase your localized and organic search result placements. Most of our methods speed up natural processes, we do not do anything suspicious to increase your website rankings. We know what search engines are looking for (how their algorithms work) and we ensure that your website meets the requirements for a search engine to display you highly within search results.

That does not mean that we “trick” the search engines. We actually concentrate on encouraging natural processes to occur, that is why our campaigns result in long term benefits for our customers. We perform only legitimate optimization and marketing of your website.

Free Client Consultations

We are available 7 days a week to help you. We will answer any questions you have regarding any aspect of internet marketing and inform you of strategies you can integrate yourself to stay within your budget and improve self managed tactics.

If your new to marketing your business on the web you may find a lot of this confusing. We answer some common questions in this section, select a topic on the left to learn more.

Ready to chat? We are always available by phone at 972-808-7923 to discuss your internet marketing needs.