11Main Magento Integration Issues

The Magento Integration from 11main promises to make importing your entire Magento Catalog as easy as possible. Unfortunately, the extension falls short and is not ready for most merchants.

Our issues include:

  • One Way Inventory Synchronization – The extension can update your inventory in 11main when your receive store orders, but inventory is not reduced in Magento when you receive an order at 11main.
  • Unreliable Integration – We had a store where the feed suddenly stopped working for a week. We have yet to receive a response from 11main regarding the issue after 2 weeks.
  • No field mapping or store selection – You are unable to choose which store view will be used from your product attributes – you are stuck with the default Title and Description which you are likely using in your main store. They also use your admin attribute names, so a waist size could show up as “Women’s Dress Sizes – Petite” instead of a simple “Size” label. I would rather pull the Title/Description from a separate 11main store view like we do for eBay and Amazon products when using m2epro.

Overall, the integration *might* work for you if you list items with a large inventory and can adjust your inventory manually after every order. I do hope they improve their integration in the near future.

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