Search Engine Optimization

We Increase Search Rankings

We are an experienced and versitle Dallas Search Engine Optimization company. Our innovative search engine optimization services are a combination of a decade of experience and our continual split testing to determine the most effective optimization techniques.

Placement Edge offers fully managed SEO solutions to make your website stand out among your competition. We get your business to the top, keep you there, and reduce your cost per aquisition in the process. The bottom line is if you are not ranking competitively on Google, your competition is taking your sales every single day. You may have come to rely on Pay-Per-Click marketing to drive aquisitions when a well formulated SEO campaign could be generating equal aquisitions with a much greater return on investment. Pay-Per-Click marketing is an unrecoverable expense – the moment you stop your advertising, you loose all of your traffic.

While SEO does require ongoing maintenance to keep up with the latest search engine algorithm changes, we kick start natural processes that will continue to increase your businesses online authority – our goal is to get those interacting with your brand and your content to perform natural linking, social interaction, and online discussion for you in time. Because of your authority, non competing websites in your industry will find incentive to market content related to your brand and products in order to capitalize on search traffic, greatly increasing your authority.

Local or National/Global Campaigns

Search Engine Optimization refers to targeting keywords for normal search queries such as “Buy Plumbing Supplies”, while Local SEO concentrates on increasing your rankings for localized searches, like “Dallas Plumber.” Regular SEO is more appropriate for companies who perform business nationwide, while a local business would find little benefit in targeting customers outside of their service area.

Which type of SEO is right for my business?

If you sell a product online or serve customers nationwide than you will benefit most from more traditional search marketing techniques. If you run a local shop, restaurant, or service business you will get the most benefit from Local SEO.