Local Search Marketing

The methods we use to find local businesses have changed. Previously print yellow pages were the predominate way to let consumers in your area know you existed. Today, 90% of consumers don’t use yellow pages.

The internet has become the premier way to locate and discover local businesses. Unfortunately, the natural indicators search engines use to rank local businesses can take months, usually years to develop. Your business receives little visibility until search engines can determine that your business is important – in some industries this is likely to never occur naturally.

Our Solution

Placement Edge creates complete local online visibility for your business. We promote your business across every available local channel including search. From Google Places & Search Engine Maps, to local websites that incude Foursquare and Yelp. Anywhere your audience looks for your products or services, we create a presence for you.

Our services are not just tailored towards search engines. Our goal is to generate leads within your service areas, and we take great pride in ensuring your business is properly represented and depicted online. We do not use spam, or any black hat tactics to increase your visibility.