GD Star Rating: Comment integration with WordPress 3.0

GD Star Ratings is a great plugin IF you look past the excess javascript and CSS (which you can easily disable). Why just “okay”? The documentation is out of date by at least 3 years at the time of this … Continue reading

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Create dynamic sub posts for a WordPress custom post type

I needed a way to have sub posts (pages) automatically created for my custom post types. Tabbing the content with javascript would have been insufficient and that is not the correct way to deal with a large amount of content. … Continue reading

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Are we using too much javascript? How to Reduce your dependencies on foreign js

When did overloading the DOM with javascript become acceptable? Webmasters are inserting copious amounts of javascript into pages as if it’s become mandatory; as if their employees of Chotchkie’s and the more flair, the happier the customer. I’m sick of … Continue reading

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Can you imagine: Had Narrative Science come sooner

I read an article on Wired yesterday titled “Can an Algorithm Write a Better News Story than a Human Reporter?“. The article discusses Narrative Sciences automated content creation technology currently in use – mostly for little league baseball recaps. Their … Continue reading

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Are you tracking social shares with Google Analytics?

Why check your social shares and interactions exclusively on AddThis, ShareThis, Facebook, or any other website when you can bring your share data into Google Analaytics. With this data inside of Analytics, you will gain invaluable insight into your social … Continue reading

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15 Ways to increase Social Sharing of your content

Discover 15 ways your can increase the social sharing of your website or content. Sometimes users need a bit of encouragement to share your content, other times you just need to give them the proper tools and their will enthusiastically … Continue reading

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WordPress: Build The Ultimate Customer Portal

When we decided Placement Edge needed a new Client Center, we researched solutions for months – trying to find the best way to accomplish everything we needed. We wanted quote requests and orders from the site to go into our … Continue reading

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Thumbtack is a great website when listing or searching for certain services. If I were looking for a babysitter or dog walker and stumbled upon a Craigslist advertisement for an individual who linked their Thumbtack profile as proof they had … Continue reading

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Top 5 Budget Friendly and Scalable Hosting Solutions

Budget shared hosting should only be used for development or for the smallest companies and blogs. Most developers, myself included, build new projects in shared hosting environments and once the site starts receiving attention, we move it to a VPS … Continue reading

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Gaming Klout – Increasing your algorithmic social influence

Klout materializes the benefits of being influential and gives you a snapshot of your influence. When Klout first launched I knew it would be ripe for gaming. Who wouldn’t want to have a high Klout score knowing Hotels, Casinos, Airlines, … Continue reading

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