Landing Page Design & Optimization

Increase the conversion rates of your landing pages

A properly designed and optimized landing page for your Pay-Per-Click or Search Marketing campaigns will greatly increase conversion rates and reduce your CPA (Cost Per Action). We work with home service providers, eCommerce stores, and subscription services to create tactical landing pages that target specific needs and stimulate conversions.

We create effective landing pages that blend with your existing website and remain SEO friendly. We can optimize any or all pages on your website to increase conversions, create standalone landing sites, or standard landing pages. We analyze the user behaviors and intents of your current traffic to optimize existing pages, helping you better convert visits you already have. For Pay-Per-Click campaigns, we can help you better target the users likely to make a purchase decision and increase those key consumers conversions.

Why Placement Edge?

Our services are more intelligent, relying on data and proven tactics.

eCommerce Landing Pages

We can create landing pages for your eCommerce store, showcasing products of your choosing from a single product to an entire category of products. To learn how we can help you sell more online, give us a call at 972-808-7912 and speak with an internet marketing expert.

Facebook Landing Pages

Need a landing page for your Facebook page? Placement Edge can create landing pages for Facebook that fulfill your desired actions from introducing fans to new content from your website, purchasing products directly from Facebook, to generating email sign ups for your newsletter.