Pay-Per-Click Optimization

Google Adwords Optimization

Are your online advertising campaign underperforming? Creating optimal campaigns and ad groups requires a high degree of skill, experience, and attention to the smallest details that advertising programs won’t tell you about. We can take your underperforming campaigns and optimize them to exceed your goals. With our optimized campaigns, you can make straight forward adjustments without a high level of technical knowledge.

Our optimization services bridge the gap between self managed and fully managed pay-per-click marketing. Your online strategy may not rely heavily on pay-per-click, you require a short term campaign, or you need assistance in initial setup. We deliver professional campaigns without monthly management fees or long term commitments. Your able to adjust your campaigns as needed, turning them on and off as necessary.

How we optimize PPC campaigns

We reduce your Cost-Per-Click (CPC) while increasing the targeting of your ads. By increasing the targeting of your ads, we deliver better traffic from your advertising spend while increasing your Quality Scores. More qualified leads, lower cost, more frequency.

Once we begin optimization, we create specific ad groups. We group keywords and user intent within ad groups, using a limited number of keywords and analyzing the traffic your ad groups deliver. By monitoring the traffic and user behavior, we can see which keywords deliver the best traffic and which keywords are not performing. We can detect issues with your keywords and the need for negative matches – ie, you may be targeting users searching for a flower shop in your city. A user searches for a local store that sells a book titled “The Flower Shop: A Year in the Life…”. Your ad will not appear because we would have anticipated that search intent and filtered keywords related to books, preventing your ad from appearing for searches related to gardening books and more.