Online Reputation Management

Reputation management services prevent and eliminate negative content associated with your brand and products, while protecting brand searches and increasing visibility of positive content. At Placement Edge we realise your online reputation can be built or destroyed in a click of the mouse – we protect and monitor your visibility and take immediate action when negative content is discovered.

By promoting positive content we control key search engine result pages in their entirity. We also monitor and protect social networking websites and popular websites that allow anonymous user submissions which would allow your brands perception to be negatively influnced. By promoting positive content and reducing the the visibility of existing negative content, future negative content shared online will be difficult or impossible to locate.

Key Solutions:

Control Search Results

Encourage & Develop Reviews

Social Media/Bookmarking

Monitoring / Evaluation

Article Submission

Eliminate Negative Content

Who is reputation management for:

  • Large Brands and Products
  • Restaurants/Bars/Clubs
  • Businesses that have a large number of complaints
  • Contractors/Home Repair companies
  • Any business with negative online content

Protect your brand

By controlling the first several pages of search results for your brands name or common industry searches, you are able to prevent new content from easily appearing. We do this by creating enormous amounts of content on a variety of websites mentioning your brand, products, or services. Since all of the search results within the first couple of pages is content we have created on your behalf, negative content is less likely to appear.

In the event an ex-employee or customer does make libelous accusations, we spring into action and reduce the visibility of the content while you pursue legal action.