Why should I hire an SEO Company?

Hiring an SEO saves you time and money while delivering optimal results

Success as a Search Engine Optimist comes from years of experience and a drive to stay on top of changes in search results. Hiring a full time SEO strategist is too expensive for most small businesses, and learning effective tactics and strategies would take years.

Reading books will only introduce you to tactics that used to work. You must be heavily invested and dedicated in this industry to stay ahead of the curve. We run hundreds of websites that generate ad revenue – we use our skills to create popular websites in competitive industries. Revenue aside, this allowing us to test new theories in production environments that are not our clients websites.

We deal with search engine algorithms daily, making it easier for us to spot small changes and make educated guesses as to what factors have appeared or had their weight adjusted. We build sites purely for split testing just to test the effectiveness of factors in a controlled environment.

You can be successful optimizing your own sites

You can make gains by optimizing your site and doing research yourself, and many business owners have had great success managing their own SEO. For example, our Placement Packages are perfect for small business owners who would like to use a natural approach to search optimization while starting with a rock solid foundation. Combining the hiring of an SEO company for short term optimization, and using natural optimization techniques to make further gains is the best way to try your hand at optimizing on your own.