How long does SEO last?

A well formulated SEO campaign will benefit you forever

Most SEO tactics will benefit you indefinitely – but SEO does not last indefinitely. It is a process; not an event. Eventually pages mentioning and linking to your website will go offline. Search engine algorithms will change. Other sites may become more relevant than your own. This is the nature of the internet.

The good news is that hiring an SEO can jump start a natural process online. If your website can be found and is of high quality, people will eventually link to you and mention your brand and products on other websites. The effects of this can be increased by regularly performing campaigns to encourage this type of behavior, and is referred to as “Link Baiting”.

Link baiting has expanded past simply gaining links to your site by producing popular content. We now target social linking, mentions, and interactions with your businesses social presence.

This sharing becomes your SEO, and with proper on-page optimization a great deal of your off-site optimization will be done for you by your customers!