White Hat vs Black Hat Tactics

Most SEO’s don’t wear hats.

If your new to the internet marketing world, you may have heard someone use the term “White Hat” or “Black Hat” to describe techniques that are used to increase traffic to websites.

White Hat:

These techniques are for the most part considered acceptable by search engines, and will result in your website increasing in rankings for the long term.

Black Hat:

These tactics are like get rich quick schemes. They promise fast results and benefits to the end user. The problem with these methods is that they will eventually result in penalties for your website. It may take a year or two for search engines to catch you, but you are likely to be caught eventually and you will pay the price.

Placement Edge uses only legitimate, respectable tactics to increase traffic to websites. We face a great deal of pressure to provide clients with quick results, but the truth is that this is not an industry where you can expect instant gratification. Anyone promising anything else is likely to harm your business in the long term.