Getting Magento to work with Hostgator

If you have ever tried installing Magento Commerce on a website hosted with Hostgator, than you may have seen that the installer does not work with Hostgator.

The reason you can not install Magento Commerce with Hostgator is simple: they do not allow any files to have 777 permissions. You should instead use 755.

Fixing the file permissions

Whether you are using the Magento Downloader or not, you will need to change the file permissions. The easiest way to do this is by using Magento Cleanup, which can be downloaded here.

Download the file and upload it to your webserver.

You will need to run Magento Cleanup by opening magento-cleanup.php in your browser after you have:

  • Uploaded the full package to your webserver, or
  • Finished downloading the files using the Magento Downloader

If using the downloader, you will want to run magento_cleanup.php BEFORE clicking continue on the download completion page.

NOTE: You now also need to use the following step:

  • Rename php.ini.sample to php.ini
  • Add the following lines to the botton of php.ini:

Tip: Magento Cleanup, when hidden on the server, is a fast way to clear caches during development.

Important: Please remember to remove Magento Cleanup from your server after you have run it.

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