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GD Star Rating: Comment integration with WordPress 3.0

GD Star Ratings is a great plugin IF you look past the excess javascript and CSS (which you can easily disable). Why just “okay”? The documentation is out of date by at least 3 years at the time of this … Continue reading

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Create dynamic sub posts for a WordPress custom post type

I needed a way to have sub posts (pages) automatically created for my custom post types. Tabbing the content with javascript would have been insufficient and that is not the correct way to deal with a large amount of content. … Continue reading

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Are we using too much javascript? How to Reduce your dependencies on foreign js

When did overloading the DOM with javascript become acceptable? Webmasters are inserting copious amounts of javascript into pages as if it’s become mandatory; as if their employees of Chotchkie’s and the more flair, the happier the customer. I’m sick of … Continue reading

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